What heating solution is better for your garage?

What heating solution is better for your garage?

Keeping the required temperature in your space is important. It helps to avoid damaging everything you have here. Finding the best heater to heat garage is not very easy since you should keep several factors in mind, like the overall space you need to heat up, how often you will use a heater and how much space you have to install a heater.

The main types of heaters

There are several types of heaters:

  • Radiant heaters may cover a huge area – they have perfectly polished panels installed which reflect infrared light. The models that use this heating method may use either natural gas or electricity. It does not use any hot air blowing, so it is a good option if you need stable, gradual heating.
  • Convection heaters use heating elements or flame to heat up the air. The hot air naturally rises and heat up space without using any additional parts, like fans or blowers. These models are not expensive, but they may need some time to raise the temperature to the necessary level.
  • Air blowing heaters create a blast of hot air that heats up your space. These models can use propane or electricity. You can direct the model to heat up a certain area. It may be the best type of heater for garage if you want to get your garage heated up fast.

Portable and mounted models

Finding a good place for a heater can be quite challenging especially if you do not have much space. Mounted garage space heaters can be attached to the ceiling or fastened to a wall. There are small and heavy-duty powerful models. Modern solutions have thermostats so you can set the desired temperature. Plus they have various safety solutions installed. Such models can be a bit challenging to install, but you do not need to deal with cords.
Portable models will make you deal with cords, but they allow you placing them wherever you need. This kind of models is incredibly easy to use – place it right where you want it to be and plug it in.

Fuel and expenditures

Different types of heaters need different kinds of “fuel”. There are two groups:

  • Electric heaters
  • Gas heaters

Electric solutions are 100% efficient – they turn all the electricity consumed into heat. If you do not want to produce too much heat – you can decrease the required temperature and it will consume less electricity.

Gas models turn around 80% of the fuel consumed into heat, while 20% are byproducts. These models output carbon monoxide, so you need a reliable venting system.
The models that use electricity are cheaper to install – you just need to use a circuit breaker box, while gas-fueled models use your gas line and you may need to hire a licensed professional to get everything done. Nevertheless, gas is cheaper as fuel, and if you will use a heater often, then you should consider getting this model.