Making Your Garage Warmer: Industrial Tips

Making Your Garage Warmer: Industrial Tips

Preserving the necessary amount of heat in your garage is very important. The correct temperature helps to avoid damaging anything you have in your garage. However, the heating solution should not be too expensive. Therefore, the best heaters for garage are a combination of a good price and the required amount of the generated heat.

The first step of getting your garage heated is finding the appropriate model that can provide you with the necessary amount of heat. The garage dimensions should be the factor that determines how powerful the model should be.


There are two major classes of such models – gas and electric ones. The price of the models that use natural gas ranges from $300 to $800 or even more, while the electric solutions can cost you from $110 to $200.

Electric heater

Electric garage heater installation is quite fast and easy. There are two major groups here – “corded” and “hardwired”. If you use a corded model that – you just put it in the right place and plug it in. Make sure that nothing blocks the hot air that the heater generates. It is recommended to place it near the wall and make it face the garage door. The hardwired mounted solutions require you to install the brackets, and then install the heater itself and connect it with the electrical system using a special sheathed cable that comes from a circuit breaker box to the heater.

If you want to make the heating system more versatile, then consider adding a thermostat. You need to install it between the breaker box and the heater.

Gas-fueled models

Such models require you to use a gas line. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful and consider getting professional help. However, the first step is to check the manual of the heater (do it before buying one – manufacturers provide downloadable manuals) it helps not only understand how to install a garage heater, but also check if your gas line meets the requirements. Since gas is volatile – you need to use high-grade components only. Installing garage heater that uses natural gas you need to connect it with the gas line and install the vent. These models also have electrical components (a thermostat), which are not difficult to connect. Place a thermostat about five feet from the floor since warm air rises. After installing this model, you need to seal everything properly and check the pipes to make sure you have no leaking.

What should you choose?

Electric-powered models are easy to install and they are not very expensive. You can buy one, plug it in and have your space heated, while gas-fueled models are more expensive (they also have more additional components to be installed) and you may require professional aid, which, in turn, increases the installation costs. However, gas fuel is cheaper and it may save your money in the future. Moreover, gas solutions are good for large garages.