Infrared Heating Models for Your Garage: Yes or No?

Infrared Heating Models for Your Garage: Yes or No?

Keeping your garage warm is extremely important, especially if you have a car there. Low temperatures affect various parts and fluids in a negative way. Choosing and finding the best garage heaters is extremely challenging because you need to consider a great number of factors.

Various models use different kinds of fuel, but if you need a fast solution for a not very large area, then you should pay special attention to an infrared garage heater.

Even waves distribution

Before you start looking for a model that you need, you should understand how such models work. It will help you decide where you should install a solution you get. Infrared heaters for garage emit rays (we cannot see them because we cannot see the infrared spectrum). The rays travel across the room and they “hit” everything you have in your garage – various tools, boxes, walls, etc. When the ray hits something it “gives” the energy to the object and it becomes warmer. Therefore, warm objects start heating up your garage. Such solutions distribute heat waves evenly, so the whole room becomes warmer. These models are a good option even if you do not have high-grade insulation.

Fuel types and other expenditures

This kind of models uses various types of fuels, but electric solutions are the most common type – they are safe and are easy to use. However, electricity is quite expensive as a fuel and this can be an option if you are not going to use a heater too often.
Natural gas as a fuel is cheaper, but it is inflammable and leaking may lead to an accident.
Unlike other types of fixed models, this one does not require any installation costs. Some natural gas-fueled models require using a gas line, which requires you to hire a professional who will do everything for you. Moreover, you need to have a proper venting system installed.
Infrared models combine the low price and the installation cost absence. Such models are not very expensive and their price ranges from $65 to $290 and more.

Do you need it?

This is a good solution if you have a small garage since some models are not big and you can easily place them wherever you need. There are also options for larger spaces – the models with a radiant tube. Such models do not require too much power and they are 100% efficient.

Infrared heater pros and cons


  • Cost effective – such models do not consume too much electricity and almost 100% of the generated warm is transferred out.
  • They heat up space fast and they can also be directed, which helps to warm up a certain area.
  • Silent. There are no parts which may cause any noise.
  • Environment-friendly. Some models do not generate any hazardous by-products.
  • Easy to maintain. Such solutions do not have any motors or fans. The generated waves are reflected by special polished parts (reflectors) – the only thing you need to do is to clear those reflectors.


  • Stops heating immediately. It stops emitting heat waves when you turn it off and since the air is not warmed, space becomes cold very fast.
  • Hot parts. The coils get extremely hot and such solutions are not the best option if you have children or pets. However, manufacturers introduce various safety systems, but still, such models are quite danger.
  • Warming a certain area only. These models emit waves that travel in a direct line. Therefore, to heat the whole space, you need to move it around.