Choosing Heater: How to Keep Your Garage Warm?

Choosing Heater: How to Keep Your Garage Warm?

A garage is a special place where you can store anything or do something that involves using various instruments. Sometimes, you may be required to spend there a considerable amount of time, so having the properly warmed environment is crucial.

It is hard to name the best garage heaters, which will always work since you have numerous factors to consider. Finding the appropriate solution may take a while, so it may be a good idea to start choosing the model when it is warm outside. Moreover, you may be required to do some preparation. Here are some garage heater choosing tips.

The preparation stage and calculation

Before you start choosing a garage heater, you need to determine how powerful the solution should be. It is necessary to consider the area of your garage and the insulation. It is important to insulate your garage to preserve the generated heat.

You should calculate the total footage of your space – you need to multiply the length by the width. The result is then multiplied by the height.

After that, you need to determine how much heat you need – subtract the average temperature from the target temperature. If it is 60 degrees inside and it is around 10 degrees outside, you need to increase the temperature by 50 degrees.

The final stage is to calculate the necessary amount of BTU, which stands for British thermal unit. You need to multiple the insulation quality factor (it is 0.5 for the top-quality insulation and it goes up to 5 – which means you have no insulation at all) by the total footage and by the required heat.

This information will help understand how to pick the best heater for garage, which will provide you with the right amount of heat. It may be a good option to get a model that has a bit more power then you need.

Fuel types and prices

Various models use two main types of fuel – propane, and electricity. The models that use electricity are 100% efficient, so they turn all the energy consumed into heat. They are also flexible – you can decrease the amount of energy consumed and you will get less heat as well. However, electricity is quite expensive and it isn’t a good idea if you are going to use a heater too often.

Gas-fueled models require you to spend more during the installation stage. It is necessary to buy various accessories and hire a licensed professional to install the model. However, gas is cheaper as a fuel.

Electric models are not expensive – the price ranges from $50 to $600 and even more. They are incredibly easy to install and use. Some models have to be plugged in and that is it.
Gas models prices range from $200 to $1000 and even more.


Portable models are a good option if you need to heat up a small area. Fixed models are usually more powerful and they can cover a huge area. Therefore, if your garage is not very large and you are not going to use it often, then a portable solution may be a good option. A fixed model is a good option for those, who need to keep the required temperature all the time and if your garage is large enough.


Propane is flammable so it is important to use high-grade components only and have the appropriate venting system. It is also recommended to check all the lines from time to time to make sure there is no gas leaking.