Useful Tips: How to heat a garage cheaply?

Useful Tips: How to heat a garage cheaply?

Making a certain area warmer may be a challenge. It is not only about finding the best solution, but also considering various factors. Maintaining a required level of temperature in your garage is important to avoid damaging everything you have there. One of the first steps is to study garage heater reviews to get the general idea of what you can get today and what types of models can provide you with the required amount of heat.


Heating up a certain area is not the only thing you need to do. What can be even more important is to preserve the heat in your garage, so the first step would be checking the walls and the ceiling. It is important to seal all the air leaks, get your walls and doors insulated. It may cost you something, but if you can preserve the heat, then you won’t have to use a heater too often.

The garage size and heating methods

There are three heating types:

  • Convection. Heating elements or flame heat up the incoming air and it naturally rises.
  • Radiant. Heaters have polished plated that reflect infrared light and distribute it across a certain area.
  • Air-blowing. Such models heat up the income air and the blower generates a warm air flow.

Electric and gas heaters

There are two major groups of heating solutions – the models that use electricity and natural gas. However, if you look for cheap ways to heat garage, then you should consider all the expenditures. Electric models are not very expensive, and their price ranges from $100 to $400, while natural gas heaters may cost you from $400 to $800 or even more. Plus, they require getting additional accessories, like a good venting system to remove carbon monoxide.

Electric models are also better when it comes to the installation costs – you can install modern models on your own (but if you are not sure what you are doing, you better hire someone). Gas-fueled heaters use your gas line which makes you hiring a licensed professional and it immediately increases the installation costs.

Still, gas wins when it comes to the fuel price, so it is a better option if you will use it frequently. Therefore, electric models are cheaper if you do not need to heat up a large garage or you will not use it too often, but if you need to generate a large amount of heat, then you should consider getting a gas-fueled model.