How efficient are electric heaters?

How efficient are electric heaters?

You have multiple options for making your home warmer. Maintaining the required temperature is crucial to avoid damaging anything you store, since some items may require special temperature conditions. Still, choosing the best space heater for garage you also need to consider the installation costs and how often you are going to use the heater.

There are two major groups of such solutions – gas-fueled and electric ones. An electric space heater for garage can be an option if the area is not large.

The output heat

Electric solutions are not only very versatile but they are also efficient since they turn 100% of the power consumed into heat. Modern models are versatile – you can change the power of the heater. You can slightly reduce it and it will consume 70% of the necessary power and again it converts all the power consumed into heat (but in this case you get less heat). A gas-fueled solution may use around 80% of the consumed fuel to heat the air, while the other 20% are byproducts. Plus, you need a good venting system to remove any unnecessary products, while electric models do not produce anything.


Some models can be wall- or ceiling-mounted, which is a good option when you do not have much space. Such models can be positioned easily to direct the airflow. If you want to cover a larger area then getting a solution that supports the radiant-style heater would be a good idea.
Some electric models are portable – they do not cover a huge area, but you can easily place them wherever you need. Gas-fueled models do not provide you with various installation possibilities.

Installation and safety

It is necessary to consider all the aspects of garage space heater usage to determine its efficiency. Electric models are not very expensive, their prices vary from $100 to $400, while gas-fueled models may cost you from $400 to $800, plus you need to get additional parts, like a venting system. If you have a portable electric model then you just need to plug it in. There are also stationary models that require you to use a circuit breaker box. Everything is more complex when it comes to gas-fueled solutions. You need not only use a circuit breaker box, but also a gas line and that is where you need professional help. Moreover, gas is inflammable and leaking may lead to a disaster.

Why you should choose such models?

Choosing heaters to heat a garage, you need to know how often you will use it. Gas is cheaper as a fuel, but the whole heating system is quite expensive, while an electric model does not require buying any additional accessories and hiring a professional how can install it. If you need an easy-to-install solution that you can place anywhere and you are not going to use it frequently, then an electric-powered model is a proper option.