Garage DIY: Placing Heaters Correctly

Garage DIY: Placing Heaters Correctly

Even the best garage heaters available to you should be placed properly in order to provide you with the 100% efficiency. Overall, creating an appropriate environment in your garage is quite challenging.

Since it is necessary to find the model that will meet your requirements perfectly – it should not be too powerful, because you will pay too much for fuel and appropriate garage heater placement can drastically increase the overall efficiency of the whole setup. However, before you find the appropriate place for your model, you need to do some extra work.

Preserve the heat

It is crucial to check the insulation of your garage. You may have a powerful model that generates a lot of heat, but what is the point if you lose everything due to the poor insulation? Moreover, a properly insulated garage you may find a not very powerful solution and create a 100% comfortable environment. It is better to spend some money on insulation rather than buying a high-duty model and waste money on fuel

Portable and fixed solutions

You do not need to worry what is the best place for a garage heater if you have a portable one since you can easily put it anywhere you need. These models are great if you do not need to warm up a huge area. Such models are widely available and such models can use different kinds of fuel. This kind of models has to be installed on the floor away from the place where you walk. In this case, you will not kick or knock it over, which is very dangerous, if it uses as a fuel. Moreover, such models should not be placed near inflammable substances.
Portable models are easy to use – if you have an electric one, then you just need to plug it.

The fixed models are the best options if you want to preserve some space – such models can be wall- or ceiling-mounted. Usually, these solutions are quite powerful and they can cover huge areas. Nevertheless, consider choosing a model with a fan installed so you can direct the hot air stream where you need it.

If you are going to buy a natural gas-fueled model then the location for a garage heater is limited due to the installation requirements. Such models have to be placed near the gas line.
Fixed models have to be installed about eighteen inches above the floor. They have to be placed away from windows, electric circuits or doors. Manufacturers also require installing them away from the wall (around 4-5 inches). It is necessary to install a heater in the coldest spot and direct it to the center.

Infrared models

If you prefer to use such models, then you need to install it 24 inches away from walls. The clearance between the floor and the model itself should be more than 7 feet. The heater should be ceiling-mounted and positioned near your working space. However, it should not be installed right about the workspace.
Again, it is necessary to move all the inflammable material away. It is recommended to have nothing combustible within the range of 72 inches from the heater. However, it may be a good option to remove all the combustible materials to avoid any accidents.

Manufacturers’ manuals

There are manufacturer-specific installation requirements apart from the general tips. It is important to study the manual attentively to avoid and tragic accidents in the future. You should also use reliable components only (usually they are provided by a manufacturer) when you install a heater.